Happy Easter ... Really!? (Dawson and Vaughn) by WindTide

Happy Easter ... Really!? (Dawson and Vaughn)


8 December 2017 at 00:47:57 MST

"Hey Wind, can you tell me where the bathroom is? I need to clean my antennae for a moment..."

"... Oh, just down the hall and to the right. Thank you very much." (Wind's place seems to be pretty snazzy and modern. Being a lifeguard pays him well ... much more than I might have guessed. Oh, here it is. Strange... the bathroom light is on).

"Hey, is anyone inside —" (... Why is there a man taking a selfie in a bunny costume?)

"Er... you know what? I can wait a moment... just going to head to the other bathroom."

It only occurred to me recently that twice in a row I won a spot for the Easter Raffle spot on BGN's stream. It was a little uncanny it happened, but this time someone else is wearing the bunny costume!

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