TFF Con 2016 - Debonair Deer (Lawrence) by WindTide

TFF Con 2016 - Debonair Deer (Lawrence)


6 December 2017 at 23:23:55 MST

The second commission that I got from Texas Furry Fiesta was none other that Donryu himself! I was quite excited to find that Donryu was actually one of the artists attending, and I knew that it would be too much of a wasted opportunity to not get something. I didn't have much money, so I opted to get a simple head shot of one of my characters.

Donryu told me that he really liked doing commissions involving sharply dressed characters, and it really shows the way he drew Lawrence! It is a serious post that I never had envisioned the deer before, and I have to say he does look a bit suspicious in it XD. But I am definitely proud to have this sketch in my sketch book to cherish it for ages to come.

Lawrence A. Williams ยฉ

WindTide WindTide

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Donryu Donryu

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