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JOD: In the land of the Ghost Drakes by WickerChild

Jack fell from the wrecked once walking fortress. Thou his victory was short. His fall was not. Davoius's walking fort fell about a large farms length underground. Jack managed the stumble out of the mechanized debris all but unwounded. Jack managed a safe ways away from the Fort before It fell further down into the water. Where the cave river dragged It off.

Jack, feeling rather victorious yet weakened, laid on the smooth rock under him. Blood coming from the wounds Davoius made, he knew the plague lord more than likely left him with no way out of death. Davoius bite left Jack feeling rather light in the head as his eyes spun about and his vision blurred. Jack felt his insides acting,odd. Almost as If they where filling with a heavy fog. Jack knew he was poisoned,just did not figure It would feel so different. A pain as If the cold had enter his bloody and was devouring him. Jack felt his face. Or at-least try,It was numb, hell all of him was numb. He felt all he could do was sleep and hope that he could be found before fate's hands took him.

However, Out of the water, out of the muck, came a wounded, broken Davoius. Bleeding,crawling, and moaning for flesh. Jack saw the blur, he knew well by the horns who it was. Thou he could not feel. He knew he should have fear in his heart. Helpless,unable to fight,flee, or anything. Just watch the blur come to him.
Crawling on Its tendules. After sometime. Davoius's face met Jack's and It roared "You will..surfer for" As the Davoius muster more threats and insults. a shadow peered, be-hide Him. And another. Soon four shadow hovered over the blur. Soon a larger blur, then all blurs came. Its eyes glimmered a piercing red, and it stance clearly thin and slick. It rose what must of been a club and smashed Davoius. knocking him off Jack.

Davoius enraged by the remove of his revenge, yelled threats at the shadows. But they where hollow. As the 4 smaller shadows garbed up on Davoius. pulling and tugging. It was clear from the screams of pain. That after they where done, Davoius was no longer among the living. Then the four shadow hovered over Jack. However, the larger shadow came out. It's big red eyes filled with glee. The four small shadow picked Jack up by his arms and legs. Carrying to who knows where. All Jack could make out before he faded out was a voice whispering. "I'll see you soooooooon."

Time past, Jack blackout. He recalls feeling his body being pulled and plucked. Things removed, Things added. And a voice whispering and giggling all thou It. It was a quite voice. But clearly, something was wrong. It tended to crack many times In Its giggling and even in some cases talking to something or someone else, when no one else could be heard.

When Jack finally opened his eye. He noticed his body felt. Odd. Not a bad odd. Just,odd. Jack looked at his body, noticing stitching where his little scrap with Davoius left marks. And a few he was sure he did not have before. His vest and cape where also no where to be seen. Jack pondered as he stared about the area he was a at. a Stone building with one large window. The thing he was one, was a bed. But, had a odd fur on It. To the side was a stand with a odd assortment of Sharpe things. and to right. a Wooden door.

Just, then he heard a knocking and a voice. Clearly the voice from before. "Heellllooo? Are you awake?" danced the voice. Jack answered with a simple "yes".

With that the voice slowly cracked, the being unveiled itself.

it was a drake, Gray scaled, yellowed underbelly. It eyes glimmered a scarlet red. Horns tinted of yellow, and long whiskers of yellow.

Its clothing where worned with time. brown pants, Held by a rope.

its coat was a faded purple, tore at Its end. It was bind, by a robe as well, exposing at tad of Its midsection.

it was slender, yet the slender was sickly. It tower higher slightly higher then most drakes Jack has seen.

It sucked Its teeth and smiled at Jack. "So, how are you? Are you ok? Does your tummy feel better?"

Jack stares at the Oddly at Drakish ghoul. Feeling the sewed spots. "You sewed me up?" "Yeppy, I cleaned your cuts right up and got the poison out of your body before It made you..well, not able to breath."

"It was effecting by breathing?"

"Yep, nasty little poison, causes big problems. So, you hungry. We got all kind of sweets and tasty treats."

"Um, we?"

"Well, I had some help getting you. Come, friends let him see." As, Jack stared in horror and confusion. As, a 4 drake skeletons walk into the room.

Each painted differently, One with hearts and wires, One with flames, another with symbols of deity Fate and the last with who bones where tied with ribbons of multiple colors.

"These are my friends, They where born here much like me, I can see in your eyes you are scared. But, If you give us time. We shall convince you that sometimes being among the dead. Is better."

JOD: In the land of the Ghost Drakes


5 May 2014 at 22:43:16 MDT

Sofie the Ghost drakes intro to the story of decks

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