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JOD:Demi Intro by WickerChild

For the past 3 weeks in these woods, Jack has lost his lunch to something. He is not sure what is doing the acted, But he knows It's fast,fluffy, and smart enough to know when Jack is not watching. Has lost 6 packs to this creature, now It's time to strike back. A plan to fake distraction to catch the thief.

Jack sat near the old river and started to remove his cloths. With that he shouted "I'm gonna bath, My guard will be completely down! Hopefully no one steals my stuff, cause I may not be able to catch being fat and all!" Jack then went onward with the plan removing his belt to his last bit of cloth, then his helmet. As soon as he went to the water, he heard the restring of the bushes. The creature was near.

As soon as the creature went and grabbed Jack's sack Jack gave chase to the creature, in his birthday suit. The being dashed quickly thou the woods bobbing and weaving thou the grass,trees and streams with the ease of the wind making fire dance. Jack kept up the best he could only with his momentum aiding him in the chase. As the creature dance and flipped with ease making the chase like a playful scamper. jack seemed more like a force of nature stomping heavily and jumping over logs some still trampled by his feet.

The chase finally ended when the creature claimed a tree. Good news the creature had no where to go, bad news jack can't clam trees. Jack finally got a good look at the creature. It was a Woven of the color grey, her clothes where of a odd tribe, teeth amd feathers attached to the lower part of the shirt which exposed a bit of her mid section.
Her pants matched the theme of brown more then likely leather cloth. It's feet where bare much like Jack's tribe. It's hair was long and a bit unkempt.

Aside all explained Jack had one question "why have you been stealing my food?" The Wolf glanced at jack and moaned a bit "Your food? You are the one who eats all this Junk?"

"it's not junk? It's.."

The Wolf then rudely interrupter "Berries and nuts. Berries and nuts! You are a dragon, where is a beef, the meat, where is the sweets for that matter?" The Wovous said flicking berries and nuts at jack as she picked them out. "I don't eat meat. I rarely have the time to get sweets." Jack said swatting away what the wovous tossed at him of his own food.
"But your a dragon, your kind eat meats and sweets." The Wovous fondled Jack's pack looking for anything it could consume.

Jack however was not impressed by the Wovous's crituqe "Well that's not the point, you stole my bags!". "How do you have so many bags?"
The wovous asked rather annoyed. "I make them out of leaves,roots, and...Dead bodies of people who tried to kill me." as soon as Jack said that the wovous's interest was pecked
"Wait, People have tried to kill you?".

Thou Jack wishes not to speak of conflicted, he may as well share his personal thoughts on this ordeal."Yeah, don't know why, maybe mistaking me for you." The Wovous laughed up a stormed and dropped Jack's bag on his head.
"They would have known If It was me, Your big pink dragon butt is more then likely got a hit on It.". "A hit?" Jack had never heard of a hit, well other then in old games as a child. "What is a Hit?" Jack asked clearing his throat out of fear. The Wovous was more then happy to explain "A hit is when the big wigs and higher up want you gone. So they pay some asshats with fancy boomsticks to "remove" you from their little world."

Jack got the message and was rather horrified of It "So they want to kill me? Why? Who did i make upset?". The Wovous looked at Jack and pondered who would wish Jack's death. "Maybe some slavers, extroationest, maybe someone just doesn't like the color pink. Whatever it is more then likely a act of dickishness.". Jack sighed knowing he had many a foe fighting for what he felt was good. No matter their where less of those cowardly butchers due to Jack's actions.

The Wolf finally came down from the tree. "You seem off beat enough that I kind of feel bad stealin your stuff. Would hand you your bag, but I think you got It when I couldn't hold my giggles in." Jack couldn't help but to feel the charm of this odd little wovous.
"That is all find and dandy, but I didn't catch your name. May as well know It, for the time we had talked, It feels odd not to introduce myself. Name is Jackie Shuffle Deck."
Jack said extaining a hand to the wovous.

"Names Demi. Well I have a long name, but it would hurt your brain to think about." Demi the grabbed Jack's hand with a tight tug and gave him a hug. "I think me and you will get along just fine."

JOD:Demi Intro


19 January 2014 at 21:06:41 MST

Get to know my work. As,well as one of the more "lively" character Demi (or Debra).

She been around for a long time. A thief with a heart of gold, yet not as large as that void she calls a belly.

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