The Only Thing Missing Is the Bow by Whyte Yote

The Only Thing Missing Is the Bow

Whyte Yote

28 January 2013 at 14:18:35 MST

Well, isn't this nice to come home to?

I don't know how he got into them...I don't even really care. Because that's what I love about him.

There's a lot you could ask, like why he's in a jock strap, or why does he have the pipe in his mouth. Or how did it get there? But it's not about trying to make sense of a scene like this, it's the scene itself. It's all about the presentation.

I'm pretty sure he did it all himself. The feet would have been easy, and those cuffs are loose enough to get both wrists in, but not out. That's my job, apparently, but he looks like he wants to earn his freedom.

And since his legs are already spread, I think I'll start at the rear and work my way forward...


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