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You Know Our Names by WhiteMantis

You Know Our Names


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This is a little gift for Amethystine Amethystine who is just... fantastic and amazing and so dear to me in so many ways! <3

It features Amethystine and Nae as James Bond and Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale, the 21st move in the James Bond series and my favorite so far (sorry, GoldenEye! D8). Ame is rather obsessed interested in 007 and is slowly making me loving it more and more... so obviously I like to go with James Bond when spoiling him with pics! Which sadly are VERY LITTLE compared to everything he deserves, but I will be fixing that soon. Yes.

Ames Sond also starred in [ S S S S K Y F A L L ]!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, dear (I know you said you did already but you know :3) and keep in mind how much you mean to me! ; _ ;

Amethystine belongs to himself. Nae is mine.

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    the snake looks so stylish and Nae is a beauty I love how they look together <3

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    I haven't seen any of the recent bond movies, but I remember the original few were really cheesy xD

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      They both look amazing, though :D

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    Oh my, have I really not been on here since before this pic came out? O:

    AHHHHH THIS PICCCC @__@ <3333333333333333333333333

    Collection? c:

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      Oops, I have collected it. My mistake. :}