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S S S S K Y F A L L by WhiteMantis



Birthday gift for my dear friend and BOSS Amethystine! Him as 007 in Skyfall, because he is a massive fan of 007 series. <3

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    Awww, no comments. Tsk tsk!

    Maybe I'll just leave this here:

    Ames Sond slid smoothly into the room. He was comfortable, back at work. More at home in the offices of 'Universal Exports' than he was in his own actual abode. It was true that his current living arrangements were not yet lived in, as he had only just moved in to his new flat after his so-called 'resurrection'; nevertheless, even at his previous place, the python would have preferred being deep in the bowels of MI-6, from the sub-basements of Q branch to the false facade that the above ground offices provided.

    It was those mock work spaces in which the serpent was moving, guiding his impressively long self deftly through the doorway before closing it fluidly with a flip of his tailtip. He faced away from the window and the desk as he doffed his coat to hang it on the rack.

    Behind the formerly naval naga, there came a coy, cooing croon: "Good morning, Ames," purred the sultry voice, a flirtation through tone alone.

    "Windystormy," Sond said, not needing to turn around. Even if he hadn't spied the lycan secretary with the customary sweep of his unblinking eye that he performed as he entered any and all rooms, he would have known that sassy siren song anywhere. She was behind her desk, as she always was, the last line of defense before one met with the inner office's sole occupant.

    As Sond turned to smile and sidle nearer to the gold-haired beauty's messy desktop, she grinned wide. "Tell me, Ames.. is it thought of me that keeps a cold-blooded creature like yourself coming back to rainy old London when you could probably disappear into some far-flung tropical hideaway?"

    "Darling, I'm shocked!" Sond said, sounding as falsely offended as possible as he half-leaned himself on one clear corner of her desk. "You know I could never even bare to imagine a world where I don't see you on regular intervals. My missions only get harder as they get longer, since I'm not able to come back to see you as I careen around the dingy back-alleys of the world."

    Windystormy's eyes gleamed with the ever-present game she had with the snake, her smile was manic as she stared up into Sond's slit-pupiled eyes, searching for a retort for the shortest of moments. The tiniest of hesitation was enough to allow Ames to add "Although, I know if I did, you and M would hunt me down personally and drag me back here anyway. With Q's remote help, of course."

    "While I do so pine for a chance to get back into the field to remind you who the better operative is, Ames.. why don't you just forget that and go back to talking about things getting longer and harder, hmmm?" the lupine lady purred.

    Sond turned from being side-on to the secretary to facing her, stretching and rising a bit higher on his coils to loom over her, reminding her of just how 'long' he really was, not to mention big. "For you, dear, anything.. might I sssuggesss--"

    A burst of static from a box on the desk interrupted the invasive comment to come, followed instantaneously by a terse, haggard, transmitted tone: "If you two are quite done.. Double-Oh-Ess _does_ have a matter of national importance to attend to, WindyStormy."

    Eyes narrowed and tail-fur bristled, the lycan's lips parted to deliver a ripping line of rebuttal.. when both a further few words and a pair of scaley lips on her chocolate brown cheek stopped her and quelled her rage. "And I won't hear a word about how YOU are also a matter of national importance, Eba," M said as the python gave Stormy a quick kiss.

    "Duty calls, love," said Sond as he glided toward and through the leather-lined and padded portal into M's office.

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    Not only did you do an awesome job on this, the idea is pretty clever too. I know he loves all of the 007 stuff.