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Commission: ''We Cannot Save Them All'' by WhiteMantis

Commission: ''We Cannot Save Them All''


2 May 2016 at 19:21:28 MDT

Commission for Magarnan, based on a real, tragic happening:

He wrote a story to accompany this piece, which you can read [at his page].

Thank you for trusting us to illustrate this, Mag! <3

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    As a former soldier in the US army this definitely hits home having watched enemies , civilians, even friends lose their lives in a warzone. Your art captures this very well

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    mm... sad. Sad sad sad.

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    This really hits me right in the feels.

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    So beautiful...and so sad too. Great work WhiteMantis!

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    There's so much reality here it hurts to look at... but it's an amazing statement about the things that make us most human... adapted and retold through humanoid animals... Good job btw.

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    Stop making feel things! Nearly put a tear in my eye. So beautiful and sad

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    Longtime reader of Michael Yon and from a military family. That was a bad day.

    I knew the source material as soon as I saw your work -- which is excellent, by the way.

    (Must ask this, please don't take it the wrong way: did you check to see if Mr. Yon was okay with you using his work as a reference?)

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      I would think it falls under fair use since they didn't actually post the original image, gave credit and the picture is public source. Unless I'm mistaken.

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        I hope you're correct. Mr. Yon is fiercely protective of his work, but the only times I've heard of him going after an artist was when they were duplicating his work and claiming it as their own (Arabella Dorman from the UK). Clearly that's not the case here, so it's probably fine.