Bust Study: Corn Snake by whiteicepanther

Bust Study: Corn Snake


12 January 2014 at 18:47:56 MST

Alright, this one was the last of the round of bust studies I did, the scales painting. Sheesh...I think I redid the face scales about 3 times, and then the body ones I restarted from scratch...oh only like 8 times. Ha, just to realize after I was happy (ish) with the last version that i didn't figure out my base shading for the body before adding the shading to define the scales' shape. At that point it around 2:30am and I had been working on this for far too long for what it is, so I just finished it off with the soft shading and was like, "I'll make sure to remember next time." If there were something of importance I would of tried harder to add the shading I missed, but for the bust study, bah.

By the way, time really flies when your painting scale by scale. You hardly notice it go from 11:00pm to 2:30am. Glad I went with hand painting each one though, I didn't like how the brushes looked. But, I do have an idea for creating a good set of hand painted scale brushes now.

I'm likely going to skip uploading the other three busts from the study here on Weasyl. But you can check them out on DA right here. Just scroll down to the artist description and it'll have the rest listed as clickable thumbnails.

If you more of an FA fan, you can look through my gallery over here.

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