Bust Study: Flix by whiteicepanther

Bust Study: Flix


12 January 2014 at 12:04:46 MST

I don't think I'm gonna upload the entire Bust Study here. But, I am going to upload at least 3 of them - the 3 I'm most happy with. So keep an eye out, I'll be uploading the other two later today or tomorrow.

Alright, this one was #3 in the bust study. It was a simple focus on soft textured, thick, fluffy hair. Flix, my pony oc, happened to be the subject of said study. Kinda baised the mane (non-bangs portion) off of what my hair was like when it was longer and having a fairly good day. Not perfectly happy with how it hangs off the neck and body, but it's better then what I had sketched and the texture is about what I was going for. Course I think I could of added a touch more highlight to it to add some sheen to it. Maybe I'll come back to it in the morning and do that, I'm too sleepy right now and it wont be the last of the studies with hair.

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