The Diner at the End of the Universe by Webster

The Diner at the End of the Universe


14 January 2019 at 17:20:56 MST

A diner where it's always the right time to meet someone and put aside your differences.

The diner idea is by Kraken/Karen of Korps fame. Here we see:
Audrey (belongs to Kraken)
Webster (me)
Vahno Eckran
Naoki (belongs to Snao)
Zeitgeist and Headcannon (belong to Kraken)
Dr. Holiday Wednesday (belongs to Aldebaran)
An unnamed goat and a dragon-fox (mine).


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    Really turned out great! Thanks for including all of us!

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      Thanks! And you're welcome, it was fun n-n

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    Awesome, awesome picture Webster! Really like this one a lot. :)

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      Thanks! Appreciate it :)