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Hello there! I'm just a messed up moose who enjoys writing filthy stories. :)

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I'm alive!

on 8 March 2015 at 19:37:25 MDT

Good heavens, it's been far too long since I've posted here. It's quite embarrassing in point of fact! I'm sure many of you think I've disappeared off the face of the Earth, but rest assured that rumors of my evaporation are grossly exaggerated.

In fact, to prove it I'm posting a new story! It's finished, save for one last proofread by a friend that's taking place as I write this. I've by no means abandoned this saga, and fully intend to keep on writing. It gives me great pleasure to do so, and I'm glad to hear that there are other deviants like myself who enjoy such things.

Cheerio, and stay squeaky!


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10,000+ words
$ 150.00
15,000+ words
$ 250.00
5,000+ words
$ 75.00

The info:

  • Length is chosen by you at the beginning, but if I go over and write more than you ordered, it's no extra charge. :) Prices are listed on my commission page here.
  • Payment terms: 50% up-front when your turn comes up in queue. 50% when final draft is delivered.

I will make changes within reason after final payment is delivered, but no major changes or re-writes, so make sure you give me all information in advance about what you want your story to be like! The more detailed your description, the closer the final product will be to what you want! I will not accept the first payment until I'm satisfied that I have enough information to deliver a story you will love. :) Then, once the first payment is received via Paypal, I will deliver the final draft within 10 days for every 5,000 words unless I tell you otherwise beforehand.

In case you're not already aware, my stories tend to focus on:

  • Hypnosis / mind control
  • Transformation
  • Rubber and latex
  • Living sex toys / rubber slaves
  • Marking / watersports
  • Lots of sex, any gender
  • Lots and lots of fetish-y things. Try me, I'll probably write about it!

Things I will not write about:

  • Underage characters
  • Scat
  • Death and/or dismemberment
  • Blood

That's about the size of it. Send me a PM, or email me at vulcanismoose[at] to get yourself in the queue.

Commission queue available on my FA profile:


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