Imptober Day 15 - Sliqua by Vrabo

Imptober Day 15 - Sliqua


22 October 2018 at 16:05:01 MDT

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Imptober Day 15 - Sliqua

I'm drawing one picture of Iqua Kicks every single day for the entire month of October.

If there's any drawing you'd like to see of Iqua, comment all of your suggestions on this submission or in the journal! This includes pairing your OC with Iqua in certain situations you'd like to see them in. (I won't draw Iqua out of character though.) I'm drawing 31 pictures so don't hold back on any requests! :D
Also feel free to suggest hairstyles!! <3

Commissions are still available but might be slowed down due to this event. Just a heads up!

TRANSLATION: "Rawr, like, rawr!! Iqua is a slimy sea booger! She is going to eat your vegetables!"

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