Matarh Day 16 - Waibot by Vrabo

Matarh Day 16 - Waibot


16 March 2018 at 13:18:55 MDT

Matarch Day 1 - Boobot (pov paizuri)
Matarch Day 2 - Nipplefuck bot
Matarch Day 3 - Underboobot
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Matarch Day 16 Chillbot

I'm drawing one picture of Matar every single day for the entire month of March.

if there's any drawing you'd like to see of Matar, comment all of your suggestions on this submission or in the journal! This includes pairing your OC with Matar in certain situations you'd like to see them in. (I won't draw Matar out of character though.) I'm drawing 31 pictures so don't hold back on any requests! :D

Commissions will still be available and will not be affected by this event, I'll make sure of that!!

Matar is always doing a thing, I felt like drawing him chilling for a change. Robot maids need to relax too, you know.
I got the idea from Thank you!


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    I like how relaxed he is.