Alice in a Bottle by v--r

Alice in a Bottle


21 September 2015 at 00:58:34 MDT

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This outfit is inspired by 50s fashion and Alice in wonderland. I plan on designing my own Alice in time but for now you'll have to settle for just an outfit. I'm thinking of maybe doing other fairy tales in 50s fashion or possibly even just doing the other Vocaloids in 50s Alice in Wonderland style. If so then Luka would probably be the cat, Len and Rin the Deedles, MEIKO as the queen and finally KAITO as the hatter.

Anyway also since I couldn't think of what to do for the background and my attempts at making a nice bottle before I leave for my hiatus doesn't seem to be producing anything nice enough I figured it would be a nice chance to finally do the Bottle Meme. I'll link below to the original blank meme since for some reason no one actually links to it which is a major drag.

If you guys want me to go along with the 50s Wonderland then be sure to let me know in the comments below and I might actually end up doing it.

Made in Blender.