Vapor ~Conbadge Exchange by VoltWolf

Vapor ~Conbadge Exchange


11 February 2018 at 18:39:18 MST

MistingWolf didn't get her conbadge last month for the Conbadge Exchange, so I went ahead and adopted her.

Hope you like it! I'll admit, this kinda' looks like a cross between feral and anthro, so... I'd be willing to take a second try at it, if you'd like.


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    I have to admit, this is just awesome! I just love that swooshy o, and how Vapor's interacting with the name itself. She looks like she found something she's excited about (probably ice cream)!

    You know, I'm okay with how you drew her, because her original concept was something in between anthro and feral (which I could never quite get right).

    This would be a really cool badge to bring to a con! Thank you again for the adoption and drawing a badge for me!

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      Glad you like it! I like the swooshy o as well, among other things.
      If you'd like, I could have this sent over to you; same address you sent my badge from a few months ago?

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        I'd love to have it! I'll get my laminater ready.

        I've actually moved, so I'll note you.

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    Cool drawing! It looks really good! the only advice i could give is to make the head a bit wider, other than that great job! :D

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      I see what you mean. Gotta' get better with drawing ferals.
      Thanks for the input!

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        No problem! It still looks awesome though! :D