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Sketch (A-flippin'-gain) ~Conbadge Exchange by Volt Siano

Sketch (A-flippin'-gain) ~Conbadge Exchange

Volt Siano

3 March 2018 at 20:32:34 MST

Why am I even surprised?
I got Sketch again for February's conbadge exchange. He asked for something inspired by a couple of verses from 1 Corinthians, each of which pertained to love. I figure it's pretty loving to wake up long before somebody else so that you can make their favorite breakfast to surprise them with.

If you'd like, I can have this mailed to you. Just let me know!

Sorry it took so long. I must have opened my assignment notification, then forgotten about it. With the way this site works, the notifications for private messages go away once you look at them, so I had no reminder.
It's kinda' funny. I was thinking about it a few days ago, wondering, "Huh. It' pretty late in the month, and we still haven't gotten our assignments for the conbadge exchange... Have I not received any notification yet?"

Opens Weasyl.

Opens inbox.

". . . oh . . . We did get them..."

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    The more you draw this character, the more awesome you’ll become at drawing him! :)

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      Yep. Soon enough, I'll have him down better than myself. X]

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    Awww! Once again, he came out great! X3
    And yes, thinking of others first before yourself is definitely a way to show someone you love them. <:.3
    Great badge! ^_^

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      I'm glad we agree on that, and I'm glad you like the badge. ^^

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    This character's pretty familiar! You do seem to get Sketch a lot. But that's okay, he's a great character! I, too, like the concept you settled on. Sometimes it's the small things that really stand out that say you care.