Cute ^^ ~Practice by VoltWolf

Cute ^^ ~Practice


9 February 2018 at 20:45:43 MST

I just wanted to draw myself as a cute little sir, and I figured I could use some practice on the criss-crossed sitting position. I'd like to say it turned out well, even if it isn't perfect.

At improv the other day, we were doing an exercise that involved a model (somebody who assumed a target position), clay (somebody who would be sculpted/guided into the target position), and an artist (who would be the one to sculpt/guide). When it was my turn to be the model, I assumed this pose specifically, and literally the first word I hear, aside from the general murmur of mixed conversations, was, "Cute." If I were an anime, that most definitely would have been a moment for blushing.


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    It's pretty good! :)

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      Thanks! Nice to know.

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        You're welcome! :)