White Elephant Fursuit Head WIP - So Close! by VoltWolf (critique requested)

White Elephant Fursuit Head WIP - So Close! (critique requested)


25 November 2017 at 22:23:32 MST

Welp, this thing was a dingus to work with.
It all started when I thought I could simply cut out three large pieces of fleece to cover the head (minus the ears and trunk). I had gotten the first two facial pieces glued down, and was about to attach the one for the back of the head, but then I realized: that looked absolutely crappy. The seams showed through with blatant obviousness, and I couldn't really do much to hide them; such are the perils of working with fleece instead of fur. But that realization wasn't even half the problem - acting upon it was the most distressing part. Without spending too much time typing about it, fleece sticks to hot glue a lot better than faux fur does, which is great until you want to tear it up and replace it. After all that was out of the way, I set about the task of cutting out a single, large piece of fabric to cover what the three smaller ones were meant to take care of, then gradually managed to glue it down without too many wrinkles or creases.
The ears, while taking a long time to sew, weren't nearly as troublesome, aside from trying to conceal the crease between the ear fleece and the head fleece. In order to make it look at least a little better, I came up with the jankiest solution: cut a bunch of fuzz off of the fleece backing, then glue it down over the transition to smoothen it out a bit. If nothing else, it looks better than the rough transition of one piece of fabric overlapping another

Monday's coming up, which means I'll be back at school soon. Considering this, I'd really like to finish this whole project tomorrow - all that's left are the eyes and neck flap, which shouldn't take too long, and the trunk, which I expect to take quite a while... Oh, and the eyebrows - can't forget about those.
Regardless, only tomorrow evening (can I say tomorrow? It is past midnight, but I haven't gone to sleep yet, soooo... is it still today? Or is today already tomorrow?) can tell us whether this checklist has been completed or not.


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    I've never seen an elephant fursuit before, and this looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome finished!

    What kind of fleece are you working with? If it's anti-pill, you can pick some of the fuzz out of the seam to help hide it a little more. It won't look as nice as fur, but it will look a little better. Do you tape up your heads when you're making the pattern?

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      I'm not sure what type of fleece it is, but it's got fuzzy stuff on either side of a supportive backing, if that's any help.
      I couldn't hide the seams, but I could make them look better by cutting off some of the fuzzy stuff from a discarded piece of fleece and gluing that down over the seam.

      I do use tape to pattern out my cuts.

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        That sounds like anti-pill. That's a creative way of hiding the seams. In the photos it looks pretty nice, but do you see any glue up close?

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          I have a close up coming in the next submission. It looks a little lumpy and junk, but it's better than an exposed seam.