Chapter 7 - A Right Bloody Shame by VoltWolf

Chapter 7 - A Right Bloody Shame


9 September 2017 at 17:04:14 MDT

Obviously, Ruth's not gonna' be working in a dress, so she'll need her casual garb back. That means that it's time for Jason to get his own set of clothes; even though he doesn't have any money, the weaver, Bradley, does have an alternative form of payment in mind.

Chapter 7 brings a new side quest: Acquire Clothing. Just because you have fur, Jason, doesn't mean you get to walk around naked.

So, I'm in the path of hurricane Irma. I'm not sure how bad it'll be, but there's no doubt that the power will cut out, meaning that internet connection will also; I'm just not sure for how long. So if I can't post anything next weekend, you guys know why.

If you wish to leave any critique, feel free to be a bit brutal; I've gone through this multiple times to check for mistakes of any sort, but it's still likely that a few errors could have escaped my notice.


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