Jason (in Derya) by Volt Siano

Jason (in Derya)

Volt Siano

3 September 2017 at 20:23:42 MDT

The original piece is just sitting on my desk next to me, and every time I see it I just want to submit it online; therefore, I won't be waiting 'till tomorrow.

This work was a butt to edit.

After moving a bunch of files over to my SD card (because my computer is always running low on disk space), I finally got around to finishing everything just the way I wanted it, only to have MS Paint say "NOPE. I feel like having an error right now, so I won't save the image you just spent fifteen minutes on." I know fifteen minutes isn't a long time, but it was still really bothersome to have to reformat everything I had just completed; fortunately, I did save the eye color scale as a separate image, so I didn't have to remake the whole thing.
One way or another, I didn't (completely) freak out , Paint fixed itself after I restarted my laptop, and the image was completed. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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    I'm not too picky as to what type of animal I'd become to (except human !), so you bet I'd never bother try to "return home" !

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      He's warming up to it, but the absence of internet will start wearing on him soon enough.

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    Look at that paw... Look at it!
    Not the right paw, 'cause that one kinda' sucks; but left paw - fabulous!

    . . .

    Aside from the fact that I can never seem to make them big enough; realistically, they should be the size of his face, not half the size.

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      Past me, shut up. I'm feeling sick.