Finished Pixel Head! by Volt Siano

Finished Pixel Head!

Volt Siano

20 October 2019 at 17:35:09 MDT

And an update on other things.

But first, the head.

I don't suppose there's much to say about it, though it was a fun little project! I saw this submission by HandlebarSprites, and I suddenly wanted to make one for myself.
I crafted it out of foam core poster board, with each "pixel" being 1.5 square inches, then painted over it with acrylics and sprayed that with some sealant to protect the paint a bit better. The eyes are made of the same plastic mesh I make normal fursuit eyes out of, the opening at the bottom is lined with fleece so that it's less irritating, and the inside has foam padding to keep the head secured in place and to keep me comfortable.

I probably could have finished this sooner ("could have" being a very intentional choice of words, considering my work ethic), but I was busy with other things. Namely, a new job!

After two months of waiting for the school and the DMV to work things out with my missing test results (a first-time occurance, I'm told - something about our school's computers not being properly synched with the DMV's system), I finally got my Commercial Driver's License, and after another month of sending digital applications to many companies in my area that would hire driver's under 21 years old, I ended up walking into a local lumber supply company to fill out an application in person (since they didn't have a website), and got hired pretty much on the spot. (Several thanks to my mother for noticing that they were hiring and encouraging me to check them out.)
I started about five weeks ago - pretty much the same time I started this project - and it's been nice so far. The hours are long and they have me waking up far early than I've ever been used to, but the pay is good, the overtime is great, and I'm enjoying the work. My main duty is, of course, delivering and picking up loads for the company, though in between runs I often help out with preparing new deliveries or loading doors (and lemme' tell ya': 20 minute doors/fire doors - which are heavy as all heck - can go die in fire. ..Wait, they're meant to be fire-resistant.... They can go die in a hole. Honestly, why do we even use doors inside? Curtains would do perfectly fine for separating rooms.) So despite being a driver, the job also involves a lot of physical work, which I enjoy; I really wouldn't consider myself an office work kind of guy.
I'm not entirely sure how long I'll stick around with them. I may try to find another company once I'm 21, though whether it'll be an over-the-road job is something I'm unsure about. I started the CDL course thinking that I'd want to get into the long-haul drives as soon as possible - travel the country, spend days upon weeks on the road, etc. But... maybe I'd prefer to stay closer to home. At least something where I could be home every weekend. Sure, it wouldn't pay as well, but I choose this occupation because I enjoy driving, not because it pays well (though most long-haul companies do pay quite handsomely). So long as it pays the bills and buys food, and so long as I enjoy earning the money, I'm good.

All that to say, I've got a lot less time to spend on crafts and drawings and such. I'm certainly not giving up on them, but I'd figure I'd just explain why progress on things will be slower than it used to. I'm not gonna' break my back and destroy my sleep schedule trying to finish stuff just a bit faster.

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    Looks great!

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      Thanks! I'm really happy with it. ^^

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    This really did turn out very cool! :D

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    Wow, I was rlly looking foward to this. And in no way disappointed with the results!
    And glad to know you're still active with projects 'n stuff!

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      Thanks! There are a few areas that could be better, but I don't mind. I'm happy with it too. ^^
      And thanks. I enjoy working on stuff sometimes instead of using up all my freetime on video games, so I'll definitely try to keep going with various projects, even if they come slowly.