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Beyond the Clouds by Volt Siano

Beyond the Clouds

Volt Siano

14 June 2019 at 21:03:35 MDT

I felt like drawing something that was inspired by Sean Hogan's Judy and the Red Coin. However, the image in my head as I listened to this song was very similar to another drawing I made, so I did some tweaking with that mental image and came up with this. It's still not exactly what I think of whenever I hear the song, but the connection is there. Also, I just really wanted to draw a fantasy landscape. Been having a lot of fun with landscape drawings lately.

I wasn't sure whether I'd fully color this or not, considering the nightmare it was to color the aforementioned piece, but the process of drawing this was actually pretty nice. Filling in the sky was a bit boring, but it was really fun to play around with the colors for the other objects in this piece.
Also, I used Leon for this picture, because I want to try giving more love to characters that aren't Volt, even if it's just their backside.

Inspired by Sean Hogan's Judy and the Red Coin
(Epilepsy warning: the video clip starts out with a lot of flashing colors.)

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    Jump! You can make it! XD

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      Oh, absolutely. Wouldn't end in abysmal failure at all! XD

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        Hey, there's a balloon there to help if it's just a little bit too far! bounce

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    Your coloring skills are getting better. I love how smooth the color transition is on the trees. Overall very pleasing to the eye. :3 Not to mention that the concept is great, too!

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      Yeah, I love the trees. And thanks! ^^