Sprites! ~RP Party Members by Volt Siano

Sprites! ~RP Party Members

Volt Siano

9 December 2018 at 16:27:01 MST

I'm doing a little RP with some friends, and I made a bunch of sprites for each of our characters.

Characters listed from top left to bottom right:
Thysius (my character) - An anthro racoon character who's pretty reserved yet loving.
Ulina - A bobcat neko; she's very stubborn, but also helpful and caring.
Faith - An intelligent but anxious deer neko.
Kurushimi - A murderous wolf neko who's just here for the money. (Don't look at me, I didn't create this character. XD)
Gautlag - Once a barbarian, this nature-connected human was won over by the king's kindness; his loyalty is pledged to the king.
Jamie - a fox neko; she's helpful and caring, but very flirtatious as well.

These were really fun to make. I'm glad I got to do them. ^^

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    Those are really good and super cute! :)

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      Thanks! The other RP members liked 'em too. ^^

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        You’re welcome! :D

        It’s always great when your friends appreciate what you did, too! :)

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    Super cute! 😍 I never have the patience for sprites.

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      Thanks. ^^
      These were actually pretty quick to do. The hardest and longest part was always the hair - hair is just so flowy and irregular, it's hard to get right.