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Sketchtober 8th - Star by Volt Siano

Sketchtober 8th - Star

Volt Siano

9 October 2018 at 17:49:57 MDT

Every now and then, I like to take a moment to gaze up at the night sky.

This was a good opportunity to do something a little different.

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    I think it looks good. :)

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      Thanks! Don't know why I didn't respond to this at first. But it's nice to know you like it, seeing as it was a bit of an experimental style and all.

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        Hmmmmmm...........I wonder if something happened on the site because there's no longer an image coming up either (even if I click on where the image is supposed to be it's a 404 error redirect). If others who follow you looked at this late, maybe they wouldn't have seen anything?

        You're very welcome. I remember liking your forays into different styles during this past month! :)

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          I'm seeing this image just fine, but I have noticed that others won't show up. I can replace the file and have a new image show up, but the image that's supposed to be there won't actually appear...

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            That's just weird. Yeah, I'll check later on my phone to see if it loads up differently. But I'm getting nothing but a broken link on my laptop. @_@

            I remember seeing it when you uploaded it, though.................

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              Told them about it on Twitter; we'll see whether they respond or not, and if they know what's going on.

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                I can see it on my phone, but not my laptop. And, you’re half of your sketches don’t even have thumbnails when I’m on my computer.

                Are they all the same file type or are some different file types?

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                  Same file type, I believe?

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                    I wonder why it acts like that between viewing mediums then? hmmm

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                      Is it back yet? I can now see the one that was bugging out for me.

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                        I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT NOW! On my laptop............and now it looks like the "blank spots" in your gallery have filled in, too. Huzzah! :D