Slight Modifications by Volt Siano

Slight Modifications

Volt Siano

23 July 2018 at 11:06:55 MDT

". . .
"I like it!"

Actually, it's not exactly new; it's more of a throwback. Back when I first designed Voltaire, I made him with digitigrade legs. However... being the fursuit-obsessed child I was (past me would resent me calling him a child), the shape of the legs looked more like the shape produced by fursuit padding, as opposed to an actual digitigrade stance.
How foolish and unlearned I was. I eventually gave up on the look, because it had gotten difficult to work with; honestly, it was for the best, because the way I used to do digi legs makes me want to gag. But, now that I have some semblance of an understanding of how wolves' legs look and work, I was curious to see how Voltaire would look with them. I may stick with the new legs - they're fun!

As for the massive tail... that may or may not stay. But whether I intended it that way or not, Voltaire's tail has gradually grown larger and longer over time, and that is a fact that I am more than willing to embrace. ^^
I tried making the ears a bit bigger as well, but that may not be as noticeable. Maybe his ears had already gotten about as large as they could.

If you've got any tips on how I could improve the legs, or just my drawing in general, then I'll do my best to incorporate any critique into my next piece.

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    How is it, doing the digitigrade? I can start off well, but wind up messing up a lot more myself! XD

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      If you know the basic bone structure and angles, that's a good place to start. I'd say the difficult part is modifying the thickness of the legs and paws to look like something that would hold the body up, yet also something that still resembles animal legs.

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        I think that's probably what's hard for me..............because all feet are hard for me! XD

        In the future, all of my characters shall have limb stumps instead of hands and feet. :)

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    Looks good! I find that digitigrade legs are easier to draw than plantigrade. This probably stems from the fact that I mostly draw feral critters over human-like ones. xD

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      Interesting. I'm not sure digitigrade is easier for me, but they are a bit more fun.