Too Bad - You're Getting Blue by Volt Siano (critique requested)

Too Bad - You're Getting Blue (critique requested)

Volt Siano

17 May 2018 at 21:12:44 MDT

So remember those mostly-ready paws from a while back? The idea was for the buyer to be able to choose what color they wanted the claws and lining to be, but nobody ever bought them. Well, I repurposed them for the premade partial, so you're getting blue.

Made with soft black fur (hand-trimmed), felt paw-pads stuffed with polyfill, fleece lining, and small Premo (Sculpey) claws.

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    Add dark trim to border. Add extra lighting.

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      Say something nice about people's art. Add some feeling.

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        Don't ask for critique when you don't want critique.

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          I'm fine with critique, but the way you present it feels shallow and impersonal, as if you're just a passerby who really doesn't care.

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            You don't want critique.

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    I love black and light blue together; it's one of my favorite color combos. I'm just not sure how well it will match your pre-made though? Since you've got dark blue and teal there. Though I'm assuming the cuff will be covered and the claws will be small enough the color difference won't be noticeable. (Also those are the teeniest cutest claws lol)

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      Thanks. ^^
      I suppose there are a lot of blues going on in the suit (especially considering the eyes). But yes, the cuff is intended to be covered, and I guess the claws are small enough and close enough to turquoise to fit in with the rest of the suit. If needbe, I could probably replace some of the smaller blue parts with shades that match better.