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Sketch (3) ~Conbadge Exchange by Volt Siano

Sketch (3) ~Conbadge Exchange

Volt Siano

Once again, I have been assigned Sketch for this month's Conbadge Exchange. He requested I do something with Welch's sparkling grape soda.
...I mean, the answer to those guidelines was fairly obvious; I don't see how anybody could go with anything else.

Hope you like it, Sketch! Let me know if you want any changes to be made, and I'll see what I can do.


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    Honestly, I wish I could've made the resolution smaller, but it starts to get grainy beyond the current point.

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    It looks good! :)

    Scanners never treat colored traditional art very nicely. chuckle

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      Yeah, I figured that out the hard way (aka, looking back at my old scanned artwork and cringing so hard).

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        There's only so much you can do, unless you get like a $1000 scanner designed for art. chuckle

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          Aw, heck no!
          Usually I can open it up in a standard photo editor and enhance it - the vibrancy increases, the lines become clearer, and I can usually get it to look pretty close to the original paper version.

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            If I had $1000 to spend on'd be on a whole new set of markers, that's for sure. Or a desktop computer with a new tablet. XD

            That's awesome you can tweak it like that! :D

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    Oh wow! This is so cute n cool! <:D
    Looks sooo refreshing! X3 hehe

    Thank you very much for making this. ^_^

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      My pleasure! It was fun. ^^