Morning Stretch by Volt Siano

Morning Stretch

Volt Siano

14 May 2017 at 07:09:59 MDT

One of the worst things about being covered in fur is the state it's in come morning; it always takes a good eight minutes to brush out, not to mention my hair.

After more than a week of uploading video after video, I figured I ought to get back to more traditional artwork. So I guess this is me stretching out after such a long rest from drawing.

Think this looks good? Want something like it for yourself? Well, you can get something similar for only $3.50!

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    I'm an expert at grooming fur ! Experiences from the time I clean up my children's fur coat should be decent enough to keep you "in shape" too ! :D

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      Well, I still seem to be having a bit of trouble after twelve years, so any pointers would be appreciated!

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        cheeks, forehead, ears, tail and back ! always keep those areas in mind first
        take a shower, then get a hair-drier, and you'll be a ball of floof in no time~!

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          Well that's where I keep going wrong! I always thought it wad easier after a shower, but it's a rare occurrence that I take one in the morning; normally I take 'em in the evening.