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A Simple "Thanks" by Volt Siano

A Simple "Thanks"

Volt Siano

On the last day for one of the recreational classes I coached at my local gymnastics center, I was given a card from two of my boys' mothers. After opening it up and reading it, I suddenly felt as though the rest of the day up until that point had been pretty crappy in comparison. I specifically remember thinking, "You're gonna' make me blush!" (although I don't remember ever blushing before in my life). Regardless, it was a wonderful occurrence, so that's why it's showing up here.

And, if you're interested in getting a little piece like this for yourself, it's only $5.50 for a two-character scene!


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    you look really cute, Volt, hehe

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    It's always a great feeling when your hard work is recognized!

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      Sure is! It made my day. ^^