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Skedaddle - Conbadge Exchange by Volt Siano

Skedaddle - Conbadge Exchange

Volt Siano

Here's my piece for this month's Conbadge Exchange! This time, I was drawing for Kittrel.
Of the many characters presented, this is one that seemed like it would be really fun to draw, and it was! In fact, got so carried away with this character that I almost forgot to place her name in there. =P

I hope you like it Kittrel! What do you think?

This was done as a contribution to the Conbadge Exchange Group.

I could probably do something very similar to this as a commission, if you're interested.


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    Awww, thank you! She is so happy and excited, I love it! :D

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      Yay! I saw the character, and this is the image that popped into my mind (probably inspired by something my sister-in-law once made).
      Anyways, glad you like it. ^^

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    Make sure you add it to the collections when you turn in. I almost added you to the black list

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      I thought I had... I'll get right to it.