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[QDV] It's Satan Claws! by VoidShark

[QDV] It's Satan Claws!


Every pup knows that if you're extra good, you'll get presents from Satan Claws! No matter your pack, Satan Claws spreads good will and cheer! Unless you make him mad. Then bad things happen. ANYWAY, I actually did have this done like way earlier, I just didn't post it.

A lot of you guys are less familiar with these guys than I am, because I've spent a lot of time behind the scenes developing. So! That is Redd Reaper in the center. One of the Qwuekajevv Generals. He is rather polarized to say the least. He tends to be a well-meaning sweetheart, but think of it like tamed Hell. He can be super calm and collected; he can also be glitching out, making corrupted screeches, and walking on the ceiling while doing his best to summon a bloody apocalypse.

That said, he's known for having a soft spot for orphans and rejected pups, but he's also just nice to them in general. This is largely do to the fact that he was abandoned in some regard as a pup until he was stumbled upon by Helio pack which raised him. Smolder later made him one of the Generals due to his superb adaptability and empathy for the outcasts.

Redd Reaper / Qwuekajevv belong to me owo

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