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Fragile, Like a Butterfly's Wings by Violetheart4081

Fragile, Like a Butterfly's Wings


*"Blumiere, do you ever think about the past?" *

"Fragile, Like a Butterfly's Wings," of FLaBW as I like to call it, takes place after the events of Super Paper Mario. Thus, if you have not played the game yet and do not wish to view potential spoilers (and/or hopefully have no clue who Blumiere is as expressed in the above quote), I do not recommend reading this piece! Otherwise, feel free to peruse this written work all you'd like~

To give a spoiler-free summary of FLaBW, a certain star-crossed couple lives the rest of their days together, just like their fate had planned. However, when the past invades the fair lady's thoughts, her present becomes disturbed and complicated, and she wonders if the future is as fragile as a butterfly's wings after all.

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