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Krobus and the Ghost by Violetheart4081

Krobus and the Ghost


1 July 2020 at 20:47:38 MDT

Posted on Archive Of Our Own:

As quoted from AO3...
"Krobus was used to his simple life. Selling strange wares, living alone, being the only shadow person in the sewers - He was used to all of it. What he wasn't used to, however, was the sudden appearance of a strange creature. When an odd, child-like ghost dashes into his home crying and saddened, he doesn't know what to do. The shadow person certainly did not expect to meet a little specter of all things, but when the two of them seem to have some similarities with each other, their meeting proves you can find friendship in even the most unexpected places."

In other words, I'm not completely sure how to describe a Stardew Valley/Pokemon fanfiction but I'm trying. ^-^'