The Old Hideout of Memories -Traditional- by VinVulpis

The Old Hideout of Memories -Traditional-


28 October 2014 at 16:32:57 MDT

Well, here's my birthday piece, featuring Jeibu's brother, Aeru. Sitting on an old broken fence, he spends a little time to reflect.

Aeru has prosthetic feet that allow him to stay active and even fight. He's also going to be capable of walking over harmful terrain in game, at the expense of his defenses not being the best.

The place is part of an old string of houses that have long since been abandond, where he, Jeibu, and other local kids used to play and hideout. A string of old village homes outside the now big inner valley city.

The piece is done primarily in graphite, while a few minor touches with white colored pencil and paint. Minor digital touch-ups added. I plan on coloring this piece and makin prints available for those who might like one. :3

I plan on being able to do a lot more piece like this now that I'm gonna be focusing full-time on my art and commission work for a month or so. Also, I'm open for commissions~

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    This is absolutely beautiful! Fantastic work from top to bottom. Even the grass is beautiful, and the vines! :o I can tell you put a lot of work into this. The stars are beautiful too! ;~;

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      Thanks a ton! :D I'm loving how it turned out myself. Also, I'd like to talk about your stage cameo thing at soe point soon. I'm pretty much ready but I have some other ideas too.

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        Oooh! Freaking awesome!! :D Yeah, I didn't want to bug you about it yet, 'cause it seemed like things were super busy, but whenever you're ready to talk about it, I am, too! :D

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