Eyala Update Portrait by VinVulpis

Eyala Update Portrait


11 September 2015 at 09:40:27 MDT

I spent way to fucking long on this for no good reason. Hah. It's one of many downtime drawing I got inspired to color up and then do a special effects vomit background for. Lol, i'ts pretty, but I guess it's kinda silly too. It's a side pic I just spent way to much time with experimentation and such. Bleh. Thinkin about it, the background looks like a fuckin default wall paper for some OS. Pfffffffft. I'm actually gonna use it as a wallpaper for a while.

Anyway, about her, I've updated her old concept from years ago and made her a seal-dragon critter (a saelian) like Tek, they are distantly related anyway, so why not. I wanted an excuse to make a female of one of these critter too.

She's a water elementalist, like Tek, but she lives in a cold climate, rather than a warm one like Tek, she her powers are much more icy. She's quite a bit more spiritually connected as well, training under an old, powerful celestial medium, Shadia. Eyala is one of very few who gets to meet with Shadia regularly, staying hidden deep in a frozen forest valley outside of the city where Eyala lives.

I might add a little or tweek her design slightly from this point. I like where she's at, I'm just wondering if I'll give her some nautical themes much like Tek. Even if she's icy, she's still a sea-dweller at heart. I'm thinking of maybe going with some mythic type nautical stuff with her, to play on the spiritual aspects of her. Maybe a super or something where she summons a spooky ghost ship or something. I'll probably give her some kind of ancient charms or small, marked armor plates to wear along with her regular clothing. I guess consider this like something more casual for her.

Graphite base work with digital on top, blah blah.


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