Poems and Songs from March Hospitalization by Vinchenzo the Jackal


My back against the darkness, my sight focused at the abyss,
your eyes locked onto me, as I broke apart into agony,
I fell over a precipice, it felt like eternity,
When you shouted my name, it was a tragedy, again at fault was me...
In the light of sorrow, my misery. Was my pain that I always borrow, to ever feel glee? Trapped by torment, a sick symphony.
Never escaping sorrow, painfully against my time, sad much of the time, the only answer "I'm fine.",
spoken from sad eyes, never you mind.

Bitter Tea of Misery

It's a bitter tea, made up of misery, it taste like ground pennies, whatever it is in life.
Tears to flavor, what they savor, it hurts a lot to pay for!,
This is bitter tastes, and it never wastes,
Tear of sorrow, gonna have more tomorrow.
Tea of pain, hurts you again and again!
It is a bitter tea, made up of misery,
Makes you dream, makes you scream,
Whatever it is life...
makes you want to grab a knife,
it drives you to end one's life,
makes existence feel trite...
Tea of Misery just for me, tea of sorrow, wish I didn't drink for tomorrow,
Its a bitter tea, made of misery,
Life is like a bitter tea, tears and sorrow, tastes like tomorrow.
Bitter tea, life for me, bitter tea for me.

Wishing Song

I wish I gave a "Thank You", for every smile I ever saw,
I wish I gave a smile, for every song sung,
I wish I gave a laugh, for every joke done,
and I wish I gave a huge with this song,
I wish I could have hugged everyone,
but with all the days done, I only sang this, a wish,
a precious little wishing song, love for everyone.

Flashing hope

Each wish a flash of light, every smile a glimmer, each hope you care, this happiness a shimmer,
I'll smile and hold strong, I'll try to go on, flashes of hapinness smiles and care, to move ever forward on... moving on.

Garden of hope

Flowers like starburst, ferns like rays of sun,
a garden like dreams, hope not un-won,
with me on a comet, its trial un-sung,
I'm happy I'm never truly gone,
and I'm here for you and me, and not going gone, I'm not done,
so much left to do, I'll come and come...
You guide my broken self, cause I'm not done, I'm not done.
You get me up again so I'll win, and then I'll won, I'll have won.
There is nothing than not caring, there is nothing worse than not trying,
I'll continue to work things out, I'm not lying!
I'm trying so hard to do my best, my garden of hope someday will bloom,
and we'll all be happy, me and you, that will do.
Friends will fix me for you, that we'll do, we'll do.

Love silver and gold

A glint of silver, a touch gold, some liquid metal, to fill a mold,
starts real hot, turns real cold, never rusting, but tarnished when old,
and always valuable, where-ever sold, it's no surprise, that everyone, loves silver and gold.

Gardener's Rhymes

Precious seeds, so small and new, a plant you'll become, after use.
In the soil, you shake and tremble, growing sprout, so tiny yet humble,
the coming roots, your little mumble, as rain-clouds come, and make the clouds rumble.

Little sprout, in the garden, your stalk and leaves, begin to harden,
as your friend, I act as your warden,
never leaving you sick or with burden, I keep you safe, your healthy grow certain.

Grow my plant grow!, happiness is all you'll know,
your children we will sow, happiness is all they'll know,
together, we will all smile, and we will all grow.

Wonderful Spring for Earth

Plants, birds chirp, rain falls to the earth,
Spring comes and animals give birth,
No worries of snow for the fire filled hearth,
a glorious warm sun show its worth,
A wonderful spring for the earth.

Cafeteria Rhyme

Delicious delightful dish, with either eggs, bacon or fish,
A king's feast at my wish, Cafeteria offers, food delish.

Going Home

I'm going my friends, home where I belong,
I'm going to see my brothers, sister and mom,
and I know with them, nothing can go wrong,
so I'll leave, and make a happy rhyme and song,
and if want you to join in my friends, feel free to sing along,
cause with you, we'll all carry on.
I'm going my friends, home where I belong,
I'm going to see my brothers, sister and mom,
and I know with them, nothing can go wrong,
so we'll leave, and make a happy rhyme and song.

Poems and Songs from March Hospitalization

Vinchenzo the Jackal

10 April 2018 at 18:16:19 MDT

A bunch of poems and songs made while hospitalized this March.
One of them a copy was made of and hung up in the Hospital St. Barnabus.

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