Doctor What? by Ventus-Fall

Doctor What?


13 September 2015 at 06:32:37 MDT

Doctor Space Bunny, that's what ;D

This has been one of my most favourite pieces to work on, with all the colours I could work with, and creating a lovely fan-art piece ^-^

▼▼▼ Some FAQ's, please read before you mention/comment any questions ▼▼▼

1.) So, what is a Space Bunny?
A Space Bunny is a creature I've been designing and working on for some time now. I actually thought of the idea once I started drawing a concept drawing for this piece. It soon turned from a 'regular' looking anthropomorphic bunny to a 'Space Bunny'.
More specific details will follow about what a Space Bunny is and what their abilities are after I have finished setting up a base and rules for the species.

2.) Can I have a Space Bunny too?
As of yet the answer is [b]NO[/b], not right now. The species is still in development, [b]but[/b] I am currently working on a base design and rules for the character design (see previous question), and I plan on making the species open for everyone. All I ask for is that the original creator of the species (=me) is mentioned.
I plan on releasing the base, and opening the species, some time next year, so please keep an eye out for any updates :)

3.) Will Space Bunnies keep that name, or will they get a more scientific name?
Most likely yes, they will keep that name 'Space Bunnies', it is a quick and easy way to describe the creatures, but it is very likely I will try and come up with a 'scientific name' for the critters later on ^^

4.) Why a bunny?
Well, to be honest, I didn't know it was going to be a bunny, or based on a bunny, until I set up the draft. I knew it was going to be fan art of the television series [i]Doctor Who[/i], but not specifically which character I would put in the piece. I eventually thought I did want a new kind of character, one I haven't drawn yet. I have drawn bunny-like creatures before, but not really... 'professionally'.
I love bunnies, I have had several bunnies as pets in the past, I have a 'weak' heart when it comes to them. They make me smile, laugh, feel whole. They are very sweet, 'huggable', kind. Even the one or two bunnies I had when given to me (by people from the neighbourhood) which were aggressive at first, became tame, sweet, and kind after some years. They just needed some proper love and attention. As all creatures do in one way or another :3
So why eventually a bunny? Because I love them a lot, and thought it was time to finally draw one again.

5.) Why [i]Doctor Who[/i]?
One of my most favourite shows is [i]Doctor Who[/i], I like science-fiction, I like time travelling, I like to hear the (true) British accent. What is there not to like for me about the show? (Besides some fan-critique xD)

Seriously though, besides all these questions, this piece took me ages.
Why did it take so long?
Well, I tried out so many various techniques for shading to try and get the best results. But also lighting, colour-usage, etc. (And omg, look at mah signature ;D)
If you have any more specific questions on how I drew this piece, why I spent so much time on it, etc. then let me know in the comments :D

Drawing this piece was an amazing experience for me: I got to make fan art (finally of [i]Doctor Who[/i], been wanting to make fan art of this show for yeeeaaaaars now...), experiment with colours, design a new character (I looove designing new characters ;3; ), mess around with various shading techniques and shading in general as well as using highlights, and last but not least: the eyes. The wonderful shiny, big (and perhaps even cute?) eyes. I loved making them, colouring and shading+highlighting them.

Anyways, that's it for now, wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year ^_^

I did and do not make money from this piece, it was purely fan-made.
Doctor Who belongs to its rightful owner: The BBC ©.
Drawing made by me: VentusFall