Smiling Fool by VenomousSoliloquy

Smiling Fool


13 February 2015 at 02:34:26 MST

Believe it or not, I haven't drawn this bby since Valentines 2013.
That's slightly horrifying, as he's always been one of my 'hallmark' characters. and I always make time to draw him at least once a year. However... I was in a funk last year, so I guess I'm not surprised that I didn't find time to draw him last year.

This, however was done as a quick thing for my profile for him. Since I needed an updated image for an avatar lol.

There will be more of him. Of that you can be certain. A certain friend of mine, whom I adore very much, has a commission coming up that will include him... and her character. lol

(there's two versions of Kylan, I swear. He either looks sexy, or like a dork. I cannot draw him consistently one way or the other.)

Kylan and art © VenomousSoliloquy

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    I'd be very curious to see more of him ;u; And I think you drew very well here! Very nice eyes and hair

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      Well, I don't want to make any serious promises, but I think you for certain will see more of him. And maybe better developed images too. Haha.
      Thank you very much, though! I'm actually really pleased with how his hair came out (except for the back, doesn't look quite right, but I know why)

      And now that you point out the eyes... I have to agree with you. 8| I didn't realize that they turned out pretty nice until you said it.

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    that's a lot of metal ;) I like the look of the collar and piercings, they seem more realistic than most drawings. If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say it's good perspective, and you have a good feel for how the real thing lays on the body.

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      Ahaha. Yes it is. He has more on his body too, but neither pace is pictured in this. ;3
      And thank you so much. that's... one heck of a compliment, really. So much so, I don't know what to say now. damn xD

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        I call talent where I see it :p though it makes me wonder if you have some piercings yourself. familiarity breeds better art... something like that.

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          I used to. My ears used to be gauged, and my lip used to be pierced.
          Now I just wear general earrings in my ears.
          Sadly neither the gauges or the lip piercing were suitable for where I work.

          And, admittedly... I do look at a lot of photos (and real life people) with lots of piercings.
          I'm intimately familiar with the ones I don't have too. xD