Inks: Sensual Uniboy by VenomousSoliloquy

Inks: Sensual Uniboy


3 February 2015 at 00:05:22 MST

It's funny, but the title I'm using right now isn't going to to be the title I end up using later.

Anywho. Finally done inking this hulking image. :| I'll apply flats later. ♥
Oh yes, and... this is the cropped version. Once the picture is done... I'll post the uncensored/uncropped version here.

BUt I hope you enjoy for the time being. Can't wait to color it.

art and character © VenomousSoliloquy

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    Love this, makes me want to color it.

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      Well thank you. C:
      Honestly, if you want to color the inks, you're welcome to. I don't mind at all.
      I just can't offer the transparent file as it was lost :<

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        Well I am a traditional artist and would have to print this and then hand color it. If you had a higher resolution version I could print the quality would be better. Also, if I color it I may go a different way than you did and as it is your character I wanted to be sure that was OK.

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          my email is if you have the better file and want to send it to me...full version might be nice to see also. :)

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            I sent you the full size, uncensored version. lol If you want the full size censored version too, just let me know, and I'll send it along.
            And, like I said in the email, I'm fine with people coloring my lines how they want to color them.
            He might have a specific palette realistically, but I like seeing how creative people can be.

            Also... I used to traditionally color other people's digital linearts! So I'm excited to see what you'll do.
            It used to be a lot of fun. Traditional just isn't as kind to my hands any more. :/

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    This is really pretty line work and Tristan did a wonderful coloring job on it. I watch them too.

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      Thank you very much. C: I am pretty happy with how the lines turned out on this one.
      And I totally agree. Tristan did absolutely amazing. I'm flabbergasted. Haha. I didn't watch them until recently, but I'm glad to have 'met' them.
      Definitely going to inspire some more traditional out of me. Even if I'm rusty as hell with traditional. lol

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        I've watched them for awhile but I am pretty quiet over here.
        That is all I do. XD

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    well, since I just commented on the colored version, I might as well compliment the linework as well. this pose + accessories is lovely! Course, it helps pin-ups with exotic jewelry, no clothes, is one of my favorite things... ;)