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You don't have to be pretty to be skinny by VCR-WOLFE

You don't have to be pretty to be skinny


12 March 2013 at 20:35:36 MDT

I don't feel that I am ugly, but it feels very misleading at times when others express feelings that I am pretty due to me being skinny when they don't really know I can't help being so small and gaining weight is nearly impossible for me to do.


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    Right there with ya.

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    After I saw this picture I was thinking about the title for days, trying to get my brain to comprehend it as easily as the opposite statement. It amazed me how much I had to think about this one vs the other side... really made me realize the hard set stereotype that skinny people have to deal with as well. Idk maybe I am just dumb but it was really good that you got me thinking like that.

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      Yeh it's interesting how such a simple switch of words can kinda throw people off like that, since they wouldn't think of it under normal circumstances.

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    seconding Airu here, the inversion of the first submission title is thought provoking. And it's always good to see people exploring more diverse and realistic body types. But mainly commenting to say how lovely this character design is, just....can't think of a better word than lovely. The body shape/physique, head shape, facial expressions, coloration, all just really wonderfully, unusually appealing. Plus the fact that you overcame the inherent boringness of yet another dogperson by creating a BASENJIperson.

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      Ahhah well basically my persona is just my body frame with a dog's face slapped on it if I'm being perfectly honest with this drawing, hmm.

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    aaahhhhhh as someone who grew up with a hummingbird metabolism that later became more moderate I can completely relate to this piece, I love this so much u______u