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:GIFT: The dragons have chosen by vayler

:GIFT: The dragons have chosen


(Picture from 2014)

Gift for carryn from dA
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Ah... My first attempt at making Secret Santa gift for Christmas. ^^

For a long time I've been thinking what scene I should draw. I picked up this scene from :iconcarryn: story "Dragon's Future"... the prologue, to be exact. I'm not very good with the english language and reading full story would be long and hard work for me, sorry.
These dragons are Wyeth (baby blue male dragon) and Wryn (sky blue dragoness), who should choose their future riders.
I took the moment when they have chosen Ruskya and Duskya, and children hugged them. It seemed pretty cute.
So I decided to try to show this moment in the picture... I know that's not exactly an accurate picture, but I made it as I understood (because of my english I can make mistakes in understanding details, some were added by my own).

I should admit, it's not the best of my works, I guess I did many mistakes and detail quality isn't the highest. But it is the most filled by life forms, that is, 3 dragons, 2 human soldiers, 2 children and boots on upper side of picture xD

Also this is my first attempt at drawing humans in my full picture for dA. I guess their faces are funny and brutal xD
The picture was done even faster than my previous work; some moments were simplified, some - fully made.
The background was blurred to make the main subjects of pictures more noticeable.
The picture is brighter colored than usually, I'm not the biggest fan of daylight pictures, shadows look kinda not enough beautiful and intensive for me in such works. But I tried hard.
I'm kinda happy how it turned out. I hope you all will like it.

All the characters and story (c) carryn from dA
Picture made by me