Encroaching Thunder by vantid

Encroaching Thunder


22 January 2014 at 07:01:37 MST

"Werewolves have been spotted beachcombing. Not unlike other animals they have discovered the richness and ease of accessibility of sealife at the ocean shores. Werewolves will bring young offspring to partake in clam digging using the time to build family bonds and relax. Young werewolves will learn how to supplement their diets in lean times as well as engage in play with their parents."

My contribution to the 2014 Werewolf Calendar features, once again, water. There is nothing more beautifully frustrating to paint than water and it's myriad of special effects. It takes a lot of careful observations from photos and life and tedious trial and error before something finally clicks and I can feel how to paint the water. It's time consuming and I am never full satisfied with the result, but the joy of painting is there nevertheless.

I have been honored by composer Foxamoore with an accompanying musical piece. It is thrilling and powerful. Listen as this stalking were looks up after having just missed a bird. Are you next? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11801484/

Orders are still open!! http://www.werewolfcalendar.com/ Thank you for supporting the project!

So the next time you see a storm coming in... - Fox Amoore & Vantid

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    Wow the details are just amazing. And the lightning in the distance with the birds is a nice touch which adds to the entire atmosphere!

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    This is probably one of my most favorite pieces from you. The attention to detail, especially with the wet fur is just jaw-dropping. And that intense stare from the wolf! Just incredible.

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    That water is so life like it's scary. Fantastic as always <3

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    This piece is absolutely amazing!

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    I just can't stand it, your water is so perfect