Here We Gunge Again by Vairos

Here We Gunge Again


3 May 2015 at 17:57:45 MDT

Oh me, oh my! Something clearly went awry!

This funny little 'phant just blundered through a trap. The wail of the siren was her first alarm and prompted her to freeze in place and stayed rigid on the spot lest she saunter into something worse. A moment later, a vicious torrent of ooze gushed from the ceiling and made a beeline straight for the startled lass' head. Keira knew what was coming and could only brace herself for the splattering onslaught. She was well aware that the camera's eyes were all fixated on her penalty, the audience waiting with bated breath. Yet still, despite all this pressure, she let out a little girlish squeal of surprise as the purple sludge slapped against the back of the head and slopped and slushed its merry way this way and that. The poor girl could only hold her position and sigh as the gunge slipped over her thick, grey hide and stretched its slimy course along the lengths of her body until it lolloped off and left its mark in a big, sticky puddle around her feet.

Silly 'phant! Back to the showers for you.

This is, it must be said, a 100 watcher celebration for my profile back on FA. Combining my favourite character with one of my favourite kinks, I thought I'd allow myself a moment of indulgence. Not that I'm saving the WAM stuff for special occasions. Quite the opposite, as this makes me hungry to have plenty more drawn for the not-too-distant future.

So many thanks to the outrageously talented nickwolf for indulging me in my weird tastes and delivering this gorgeous product.
Keira belongs to vairos

No, really, this is amazing. Purple is one of my favourite colours for gunge.