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Urs / 26 / Oregon

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Most of my titles are gibberish.

Thanks to everybody who faved/commented on my work! Knowing people like my stuff just makes me asdfdahg. I may not reply to any comments since I'm super shy, but I read all of them and they make me go hhhnnnnggg.



Latest Journal

Yo I got a tablet! Expect more art

Exactly what the title says, I finally got a tablet!

I got it as a graduation gift from my brother, it's a Wacom Intuos.

I'm finding it super hard to draw with though, but that might just be because I'm way too used to drawing with a mouse. I'll be drawing a bunch of stuff to get used to drawing with a tablet, so there will probably be more art from me.

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    You got some really cool work. Instawatch. :D

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    Meant to hit the follow button instead but yeah
    NICE ART!!

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    really gorgeous stuff

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    i dig your style, looks sort of 20's cartoonish but modern?? eithr way, it coo

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    all your stuff is cute omg

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    Lovely work!

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    Anddddd I'm gonna follow~

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    Your stuff is really fluid and neat aaaa