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Oekaki Shig


29 March 2014 at 17:00:05 MDT

More migration of self-reference oekaki stuff.

Despite their ancestry, they are mostly land-dwelling. The respiratory requirements of their ever-active bodies has long since outstripped their under-adapted gills' water-breathing ability. They can be used as a means to extend trips underwater, but can only sustain them there if they do not overexert. They need an overhaul though. The whiskers are actually vestigial fleshy growths that were once used as sensory assistance in underwater caverns where there is no light. They can usually grow back but losing them is quite painful.

Whilst they have a fairly thick skin, the butt of the tail is thicker, and is often used as a prop-stand for whilst the arms are in use. They have a naturally strong sense of balance and even a sedentary individual will keep a baseline of strength and fitness. Their skin feels like a smooth plastic, as if slick even while dry, but going a long time without exposure to external moisture causes it to become irritable and feel like sandpaper. They find it easy to keep trim figures, and their muscle mass is naturally quite dense, but they find it hard to go for lengths of time without eating. Though they walk on the same limbs they use to interact with the world, they have a variety of gloves for ensuring they don't dirty everything they touch. Most walk on the side of their fists, using a fold-out grip-wrap which is tucked away when indoors for hygiene's sake. At least, when away from home colonies, that is.

The Shigyan are the unabashed heart and soul of the "Citizens of Wait", and it's technical founders. A highly social and expressive culture, they earned a reputation of being somewhat juvenile on the galactic scene. Where the boar-mantus Ensu provide an unshakable moderative workforce and stable core, and the camel-ape Mugg act as as a grounding voice of insight and diplomacy, the sharky-frog Shig are the beating heart of it's culture and the constant spark of change. Perfectly capable of intellectual pursuits, they simply tend to prefer anything with shorter term stimulation or a quicker result on the community. They can be a little vexed about the Ensu and their reluctance to weigh in on things personally, but they refuse to let the matter rest. Originally, the Mugg were just as retracted and borderline subservient, but time changes all things. The more intellectual amongst them would note this is due to the Shig having interrupted the natural rise to elaborate culture of these two species, having absorbed them into their own, but they would probably be too busy playing with the executive office toys to pay attention to boring analysis.

They have quite a variety of individual variation, and not just in colouration. The whiskers for example, are not always present, or their number and length can vary wildly. Some still grow stubby claws on their hands that need regular trimming, others have more functional gills, and rare individuals can be as much as double the average height. Their culture doesn't tolerate genuine discrimination, but due to the overall Waitian behaviour and variety, judgemental-sounding observations are often made, usually in a manner akin to mock insult as a means of friendly banter. Tempering this behaviour has been difficult.

They prefer to be passive and neutral in galactic politics, doing their best to steer their lot away from committing to anything on any issue, but their idealism and morality often lands them in backup positions in defensive skirmishes or enlisting with peacekeeper forces, most often for whoever happens to be the underdog. It isn't unusual for a Waitian colony to spring up completely out of the blue in the middle of nowhere, or even in owned space, particularly on planets with large bodies of water and tropical landmasses. The galactic community at large is quite patient with such encroachments, and is (usually) able to negotiate something beneficial to both parties.

Galactic drifters and hippies that can punch your head through a wall whilst doing one-handed push-ups, their main drawback is perhaps a tendency towards casual "limb envy", as a lot of tasks can be awkward for them no matter how great they get at acrobatics or climbing. Just as well that their compulsive habit of meeting every challenge full-on wins out, eh? Just don't ever challenge one to a physical competition. You'll probably lose.

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