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Ballerina Lopmon by Unownace

Ballerina Lopmon


Oh lookie, another Lopmon drawing (still need a name for this OC, as mentioned in my previous drawing of her: It's almost as if I'm on some kind of Lopmon-obsession-drawing-spree or something. :P

But anyway, here we see the bashful cute-fashion-enthusiast Digimon trying out some ballet practice (with perhaps my Plusle OC, "Kari" as her teacher. Those big floofy ears do seem to be very useful for balance, so she might get pretty good at it in time. Plus the tutu is a bit less "extra" than that Lolita Princess gown from last time. She still just can't keep that blush from showing though no matter how hard she tries to keep her mind clear and focused.

(Also being this outfit doesn't come with gloves it gives me an opportunity to experiment her what her forepaws should look like. I never much cared for those five tiny black pipe-cleaner-fingers Terriermon and Lopmon were drawn with in Tamers, so I made her paws more "paw-like" with three big fluffy fingers with tiny black claws at the tips. Not sure if I'm always going to draw the claws or not, depends in my mood I guess.)