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Ace Spade the Pikachu's New Bluescreen (Photo) by Unownace

Ace Spade the Pikachu's New Bluescreen (Photo)


For any of you who've watched my videos for the past couple years you've noticed I use Blue-screen a LOT, and that said blue-screen was long overdue for repair and it was literally a bed sheet taped to the wall. A while ago at Walmart I picked up a large curtain rod to set the newly refurbished screen on (it's still the same bed sheet but no more tape), as well as some 3.5 by 7 foot sheets of green fabric I'm planning to stitch together into a much improved green screen that can by mounted the same way as the blue screen (I can't use the fabric from the old green screen as the colour ways way off; too yellow-ish. This new fabric is much closer to pure green.)

At the time of taking this photo the green screen isn't finished yet (I gotta learn how to use a sewing machine first), but as you can see here the bluescreen is pretty much ready for use in new video content (as soon as I come up with some actual video ideas. XD)

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