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New Green Screen (Featuring Oshawott Noire) by Unownace

New Green Screen (Featuring Oshawott Noire)


A sort-of continuation of this:

I finally got around to putting together the "green screen" part of this modular studio set-up. I found a whole bunch of 3.5 by 6 foot (1.1 by 1.8 meters) sheets of scrap green canvas fabric at Walmart so I bought six of them so I could stitch them all together into one big sheet to reach wall-to-wall in the basement I'm using as a studio with room to spare at the bottom so a little bit drapes onto the floor. The reason it took me so long as that I needed to learn how to use a sewing machine for this project to even be feasible, but last night I finally got it done. All six sheets stitched together, three horizontal and two vertical to give me a full sheet a bit under 10.5 by 21 feet, minus the hemming and the loop at the top for the curtain rod of course.

I used good 'ol Oshawott Noire for this test photo since that's the one suit that caused me so many chroma-keying issues with my previous set-up, so now with this upgrade I'm hoping I can make a lot more high quality (if you can call it that) video content with this character (if and when I come up with video ideas that is. :P)

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