Violet Vixen the Sorceress Braixen Superheroine by Unownace

Violet Vixen the Sorceress Braixen Superheroine


15 June 2020 at 19:12:16 MDT

Another character redesign, this one of Renee Vanilla the Braixen's "superhero identity," Violet Vixen. If it isn't obvious, her "gimmick" is magic and her "style" of crime-fighting is very anime-inspired, like Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew (complete with transformation sequence every time she suits up.)

Her abilities and skills include ninja-like agility, escape-artistry, basic spell-casting (like launching elemental stun blasts from her wand, telekinesis, short-lasting paralyzing, binding and sleep-inducing spells and to some degree localized illusions and "mind-tricks. (Some of these skills she picked up from her Jedi Knight boyfriend, Benjamin MacGlover the Lucario.)

Her main weaknesses; recklessness and overblown ego (every camera she walks by she HAS to mug for, even security cameras, leading to many-a-capture-and-peril-situation), even when she's TRYING to be stealthy she's terrible at it (even in less flashy clothing), and she can be a bit gullible, falling for obvious ploys and traps set by villains. She's also not very physically strong and is easily outmatched by opponents who force her into paw-to-paw combat.